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Final Straight - Cross Country

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Dubbo Park Run

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Lockie rolling a 3000m

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Final Straight - Cross Country

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Lockie Townsend

Team Captain

Lockie joined team gazelle running through a few mutual connections and is currently enrolled in my old high school. Hailing from Dubbo, NSW Lockie has had the unenviable task of training on his own. He has persisted with an inbuilt sense of hard work and dedication that most country kids come with, not to mention his great sense of humour and banter. I don't have the words to encapsulate the pride and respect I have for this young man, but he is a fine leader, dedicated to his training family and has a knack for asking all the right questions.

Favourite Session: 3 x Gammoudis w/ 2min rest + 4 x 150m C.O.P. Gammoudis: 6 lap progression 

Least Favourite Session: Anything when it’s 40 degrees in Dubbo. Nah 3 x (5 x 200m) @ 800/1500DP starting at 30sec rest and cutting down by 5 secs every rep.

Favourite Place To Run: Beni Forest, Dubbo.

Favourite Place To Race: Nowra and Eastern Creek for XC. WA Athletics Stadium in Perth for the track.

Current Personal Best Performances:

800m: 1:57

1500m: 3:58

3000m: 8:27

5000m: 14:48

2000m Steeple (84cm): 6:12

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