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September Reading List

This month my reading projects are a little smaller than my usual uptake of running, strength and conditioning, and mobility blogs and articles. The reason is threefold, Uni is back, and I have a Psychology unit so hello mountains of psychology papers, my running has been on the increase and therefore prepping this old man’s body for a run takes time. Finally, there have been some fantastic races to watch and keep track of in my downtime. If you get a chance check out some of Olli Hoare’s races in the USA for On Athletic Club! Very proud to see how far this young man has gone from the old School Cross Country and Track and Field days.

That aside, I have set aside time to read two books. The first book I am reading is 100% for pleasure, and it was given to me by a very dear friend Phil. He was one of the first people I had the opportunity to mould as an athlete, and in doing so, he has developed me as a person. Phil gave me this book as a farewell gift, and it is by Haruki Murakami - What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. Without going into too much detail of the book, it tackles the influence taking up running has had on his personal life and how it has influenced his writing. The book also contains many life lessons, which as far as I know every runner shares with their training partners on their weekly long runs. A pretty good choice for me! If you get the chance, please have a read!

The other book I am tackling is Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation by David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon. I am just hitting this in specific patches that are currently on my mind. I visit this book every so often, and although I feel it is more field/team sports orientated there are so many sections that should and do resonate with individual coaches. I have just re-read Part 2 - Athletic Competencies an I am just about to dive into Part 5 - Managing the Training Athlete. Both chapters always way heavily on my mind when I think about training and how I apply it. It reads like a textbook but the two gents who wrote it have strong real-world experience.

If you want your own copies of the books, I have linked the photos to the books on amazon.

Running is not always just running, it is a lifestyle, so embrace it!


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