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This Weeks Training Sample: Building The Base 10th -16th May 2020

Updated: May 13, 2020

Here is a quick sample of a training program for an 18-year-old 3000m-5000m runner. I thought I would put this one up as it is a little different to how I would normally program. Less specific running and more volume.

Sunday 10/5/2020

90min Long Run – Easy Pace (4:30min/km) with 4x100m strides. Sunday’s run also includes a weigh-in pre and post long run to determine hydration status.

Monday 11/5/2020

60min Medium Easy Run with 4x100m walk back @ mile pace

Tuesday 12/5/2020

Alternations 8x(600m @ 3:07min/km + 1000m @ 3:43min/km). The idea with this session is to become comfortable at close to 5km pace. Since this is the first time running this session achieving the 600m time, while the 1000m time is secondary. However, before progressing we need to achieve both.

Wednesday 13/5/2020

Recovery Run 30min at 4:30min/km +. 20min of Mobility Work.

Thursday 14/5/2020

3x5x200m w 1min Rest in 32s and 3min between sets. Aiming to get through the work relaxed and comfortable, maintaining a good cadence, rather than getting too long in your stride.

Friday 15/5/2020

Non-negotiable Rest Day. 20min of Mobility.

Saturday 16/5/2020

5km Tempo @ 3:00-3:10 + 4x100m Strides @ Mile Pace. This session is also capped by heart rate, nothing higher than 170BPM.

All sessions include a 15min warm-up and warm-down run, plus drills and strides. While on the surface this week doesn’t look too grand, the weekly mileage is around 80km.

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