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COACHES: Team Members

Head Coach/Founder

Bradley Woods

Bradley officially founded team gazelle running on the 27th of April 2017. While this is what the records say, team gazelle running had been building since 2009.

Bradley first started coaching in schools in 2008. The team is designed to add additional layers of support to developing junior athletes and supporting them through to their senior and even masters years of competition. While working mostly in a school-based environment, he has an appreciation for Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD). While most athletes, parents and schools chase fast results and instant gratification

Bradley looks to foster a love of running and building a fraternity. He understands that it is often friendship, support, and mentoring that sees an athlete develop to their fullest potential.

Bradley is a former middle-distance athlete and sub 4min miler, and he comes with loads of experience in competition and coaching. He is an avid reader and self-professed life long learner, he has a strong background in exercise science, and strength and conditioning. He is currently working towards completing his Masters of Sports Coaching at UQ.

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