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Who Inspires Me

I have been reminiscing over the last few weeks with one of the guys I used to compete against and with. It has been a common thread of our chats to talk about the guys of our era and who inspired us. The best part about this chat is it is very unlike the Michael Jordan v Lebron GOAT debates.

So here are the 5 Athletes who inspired me when I came through the ranks. 5. Seb Coe - There isn't much you can fault in this choice. He was a consummate professional as an athlete and professional beyond his racing career. Seemed like a lone wolf, backed by his father and a strong guiding hand in science. Multiple world record holder, and two-time Olympic gold medallist

4. Haile Gebrselassie - The smiling assassin. Who can forget the look of pure joy this man showed fighting tooth and nail to the finish line? Always loveable, always professional and a very, very gritty racer. Again multiple world record holder over multiple distances and has a fantastic resume.

3. Craig 'Buster' Mottram - As an Aussie, this guy has always been a shining example of what could be done. He was the resurgent pioneer in Australia's middle distance running inspiring many of our greats which followed, now heading up the OAC Oceania group and getting fantastic results.

2. Hicham El Guerrouj - Part man, part machine. For someone who seemed unstoppable in racing the clock, he was very human when it came to racing for medals. I still have his Sydney Olympics race etched into my mind. Like Seb and Haile, multiple record holder and medallist at the major championships, he won 4 consecutive 1500m titles. This is the guy you wanted to be like as a 1500m man.

1. Steve Ovett - If you are an Aussie, this guy is the closest thing to the typical Aussie persona outside of Australia. This guy was a mix of larrikin and hard work and boy could he race. He was one of the last true races everywhere man. He had a punishing kick finish and had a great range from 400m through 5000m. These 5 guys paved the way for so many more middle-distance legends and some of their rivalries were intense. Who are some of the current legends that have inspired you?

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