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The Reason For It All

Updated: May 11, 2020

Do we always need a reason for everything? Maybe. I think it is in our human nature to need a reason for why, for how. We need justification! Here is my introduction blog as to why team gazelle running came to be and how we are going to be doing our business.

Firstly, passion. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for running. From the ripe old age of 6 when my dad, then a relatively fit police officer, took me out on a 5km trail run. Only for him to be dropped up a hill and beaten home by about 5mins. To the Little Athletics Gala days (thanks, Mum), to state and national championships, to breaking 4mins for the mile, to injuries, to now coaching people wanting to achieve the same thing. To now chasing my 2-year-old son around the place (he can run a mile and boy does he have a change of pace). My passion has never waned.

Secondly, knowledge, I crave it, and I want to share it. In my industry, I feel there are two types of people out there. The coaches who have a wealth of knowledge, but don’t share it or those who just want to be insta-famous but don’t have the knowledge base. In the field of Strength and Conditioning, there is an excellent trend where coaches often share their knowledge. They do this through mentorships, round table discussions and many seminars to expand their knowledge, whereas ib track and field this is lacking.

Part of this quest for knowledge is to be a life long learner. Eric Cressey (check out his page here), my favourite S&C guy shared a post, which can be seen here, stating you need to have a foundation of knowledge so you can ask the right questions. He is saying, arm yourself with good sound knowledge so that YOU can learn more! Steve Magness (check his page here) my favourite distance running coach/blogger is a self-professed nerd freely shares content and mountains of it. Yes, they offer both paid subscriptions to their knowledge. And yes they are both intrinsically motivated to gain knowledge but they are also very transparent and give freely to those who want to know.

Thirdly, the idea of community, every training group I have ever been apart of has had its own positive feel of a community. In my current workplace, we use the term fraternity, which boils right down to friendship and mutual support.

Finally, I want to be able to pay it forward. I have been blessed to have been surrounded by some great coaches and athletes in the past who have ignited this passion. And I would like to pass that same inspiration to anyone willing to take it. The original guys who I coached understood this, they jumped in wholeheartedly and have gained so much out of the process, and in return triggered what is now team gazelle running!

Yours in running,


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